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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning N.. to O..

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Nachbaur, Clementina Mother
Nache, Lyda C. Orderedby
Nache, Willie Herman Deceased
Nachtman, Leonora Orderedby
Nagle, Jerome V. Orderedby
Nagle, Signe Ingeborg Deceased
Nagy, Theresa Mother
Nalty, Patrick Father
Nalty, Samuel B. Deceased
Nash, Anna Mother
Nash, Austin Father
Nash, Edward Father
Nash, Edward Orderedby
Nash, Edward Orderedby
Nash, Edward A, Orderedby
Nash, Emily Mother
Nash, James A. Deceased
Nash, Margery Mother
Nash, Morson Father
Nash, Ruth Deceased
Nathan, Agnes Deceased
Neal, Alexzina Deceased
Neal, Elizabeth Mother
Neal, Isaac Orderedby
Neal, Sadie S. Deceased
Nean, Barbara Mother
Neaton, Mrs.Ira C. Orderedby
Neeson, Elizabeth Deceased
Negley, Mary Deceased
Neher, Edward Father
Neher, Edward Father
Neher, Frances Bailey Deceased
Neher, Julia Mother
Neidorf, Joseph Deceased
Neidorf, Solomon Father
Neilen, Margaret F. Deceased
Neilen, Thomas Father
Neilen, Thomas Father
Neilen, Thomas A. Deceased
Neilen, Thomas J. Orderedby
Neilen, Thomas J. Orderedby
Neill, Jessie Deceased
Neilsen, Dorothy A. Deceased
Neilsen, Florence Orderedby
Neilson, Ann Eliza Deceased
Neilson, Anna Mother
Neilson, Bert&Samuel Orderedby
Neilson, Bertram Deceased
Neilson, Carl Father
Neilson, Charles Edgar Father
Neilson, Edwin Deceased
Neilson, Edwin Father
Neilson, Edwin Father
Neilson, Edwin Orderedby
Neilson, Elliott B. Deceased
Neilson, Elmer E. Father
Neilson, Fannie J. Deceased
Neilson, Grace G. Mother
Neilson, Henry Father
Neilson, Inez Orderedby
Neilson, Jean B. Deceased
Neilson, John W. Father
Neilson, Mary Orderedby
Neilson, Mary Jane Deceased
Neilson, Ruth LeVonne Deceased
Neilson, Samuel Orderedby
Neilson, Samuel Orderedby
Neilson, William H. Deceased
Neius, Maud A. Mother
Nelson, Dudley Orderedby
Nelson, Elizabeth Deceased
Nelson, Georgiana Mother
Nelson, Ida E. Deceased
Nelson, John Orderedby
Nelson, Rebecca Mother
Nelson, Sadie Mother
Nerling, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Nervina, Anna Mother
Nesbit, Angelica Mother
Nesbit, Ann Mother
Nesfield, Margaret Mother
Nester, John Father
Nestere, Mary Mother
Nestle, Judith Deceased
Nestle, Lucius J. Father
Nestle, Mrs.Lucius Orderedby
Nestor, Catherine Mother
Nethercutt, Elizabeth Deceased
Nethercutt, John Father
Neuch, Mrs.Peter Orderedby
Neunen, Anna Mother
Neuneu, Anna Mother
Neush, Mrs.Peter Orderedby
Neush, Peter Father
Neush/Neuoh, John Deceased
Nevin, David Father
Nevin, Emma Orderedby
Nevin, Frederick A. Deceased
Nevin, Mrs.Eliza Orderedby
Nevins, Charles G. Deceased
Nevins, Patrick Father
Nevins, Patrick Orderedby
Newby, Hazel L. Deceased
Newcomb, Emma A. Deceased
Newell, Hiran Father
Newell, Isabel Mother
Newell, Jennie Mother
Newell, John Father
Newell, Joseph E. Deceased
Newell, Lillian F. Deceased
Newell, Mrs.J.E. Orderedby
Newland, Mary Ann Deceased
Newlands, Isabella Mother
Newling, James E. Deceased
Newling, Joseph T. Father
Newling, Mrs. Orderedby
Newman, Amy Marie Mother
Newman, Ellen Mother
Newman, John Father
Newman, John B. Deceased
Newman, Katie Mother
Newman, Mary Orderedby
Newman, Olaf Father
Newton, Catherine Mother
Newton, Catherine Mother
Newton, Harriett Mother
Newton, James G. Deceased
Newton, Sarah Mother
Neznamy, Christina Mother
Nicholas, Dallas M. Orderedby
Nichols, ? Mother
Nichols, ? Father
Nichols, Catherine M. Mother
Nichols, Dallas M. Deceased
Nichols, Dallas M. Father
Nichols, Eleanor Orderedby
Nichols, Eleanor L. Deceased
Nichols, Eva Mother
Nichols, George A. Father
Nichols, George L. Father
Nichols, John Orderedby
Nichols, John W. Orderedby
Nichols, Julia Deceased
Nichols, Lawrence Orderedby
Nichols, Lawrence G. Deceased
Nichols, Mary Mother
Nichols, Mrs.D. Orderedby
Nichols, Mrs.R.H. Orderedby
Nichols, Ransom Father
Nichols, Richard Father
Nichols, Richard H. Deceased
Nichols, Sherman D. Deceased
Nichols, Sophronia Mother
Nicholson, Emily Mother
Nickerson, Ezra Father
Nickerson, Mr Orderedby
Nicklus, ? Father
Nicklus, Anthony Deceased
Nickolas, ? Father
Nickolas, Thomas Deceased
Nieghorn, Charles Father
Nielsen, William W. Deceased
Nielson, Charles Father
Niles, Josephine Mother
Nims, Clark Henry Deceased
Nims, John Father
Nims, Nancy Mother
Niston, Catherine Mother
Nitz, Louise N. Deceased
Nitz, Paul W. Orderedby
Nitzschke, Hernlan Father
Noah, Margaret Mother
Noble, Fannie Mother
Noctor, Irenen Deceased
Noctor, John Father
Noerowski, Mary Mother
Nolan, Elizabeth Deceased
Nolan, Elizabeth Orderedby
Nolan, Geo. Deceased
Nolan, John Deceased
Nolan, John Father
Nolan, John Father
Nolan, Julia Mother
Nolan, Kathleen Deceased
Nolan, Shaun Orderedby
Nolde, Margaret M. Mother
Nolde, Martin F. Father
Noonan, Anna F. Deceased
Noonan, Daniel Father
Noonan, David Orderedby
Noonan, David H. Deceased
Noonan, David H. Orderedby
Noonan, David H., Jr Orderedby
Noonan, Lucy Mother
Noonan, Mrs. Orderedby
Noonan, Nellie Monica Deceased
Noonhausser, William Father
Norcross, Hattie Deceased
Norcross, John Father
Norcross, John Father
Norcross, John H. Father
Norcross, Mrs.John Orderedby
Nordstron, Carl F. Orderedby
Nordstron, Elfreda C. Deceased
Norma Eddy's mother Orderedby
Normile, Mary A. Mother
Norris, Laura Orderedby
North Carolina Mother
North, Dr.Miles Father
North, Edmund Father
North, Edward P. Deceased
North, Harriet Mother
North, James Father
North, Mary E. Deceased
North, Mary W. Deceased
North, Thomas M. Deceased
Norton, ? Father
Norton, Caleb Father
Norton, Clara M. Deceased
Norton, Dorothy Orderedby
Norton, Dorothy J. Deceased
Norton, Elizabeth Orderedby
Norton, Esther E. Mother
Norton, Horace Deceased
Norton, John Father
Norton, Katherine Mother
Norton, Loyal A. Deceased
Norton, Loyal A., Sr Father
Norton, Loyal A., Sr. Orderedby
Norton, Loyal Ayen Deceased
Norton, Margaret Mother
Norton, Montgomery Father
Nostrand, Margaret Mother
Novak, John&Andrew Orderedby
Novak, Zuzana Deceased
Nowak, Peter Father
Noxon, Sarah Mother
Noyes, Hannah Mother
Noyes, Ruth A. Orderedby
Nungasser, Frederick Deceased
Nungasser, Mrs.Frederick Orderedby
Nungasser, Peter Father
Nutt, Eliza Mother
Nutter, Hial Father
Nyrup, Laurence Father
Oakley, Hannah M. Mother
Oakley, Mary Mother
Oakley, Mary Mother
Oakley, Mary A. Mother
Oakley, Sarah Eliza Deceased
O'Blivins, Ann Mother
O'Brien, Agnes Mother
O'Brien, Bridget Deceased
O'Brien, Daniel Father
O'Brien, Elizabeth Deceased
O'Brien, Elizabeth Anne Deceased
O'Brien, Emma C. Deceased
O'Brien, Ernestine Orderedby
O'Brien, Frank Patrick Deceased
O'Brien, Harry Deceased
O'Brien, Helen Mother
O'Brien, John Father
O'Brien, John Father
O'Brien, John Father
O'Brien, John Father
O'Brien, John Father
O'Brien, Mary Mother
O'Brien, Mary Mother
O'Brien, Mary Mother
O'Brien, Michael Deceased
O'Brien, Michael Father
O'Brien, Michael Father
O'Brien, Miss Martha Orderedby
O'Brien, Thomas Walter Deceased
O'Brien, Timothy Orderedby
O'Bryon, Violetta F. Mother
O'Cconnor, Nora Deceased
Ochler, ? Father
Ochs, Amelia Deceased
Ochtman, Henry C. Orderedby
Ochtman, Jennie Deceased
O'Connor, ? Father
O'Connor, John Deceased
O'Connor, Margaret Mother
O'Connor, Mary Deceased
O'Connor, Mathew Father
O'Connor, Mrs.Ann Deceased
O'Day, Mary Mother
Oddy, Ella Deceased
Oddy, Emma Mother
Oddy, Etta Deceased
Oddy, Francis Deceased
Oddy, Richard Father
Oddy, Richard Orderedby
Oddy, Thomas Orderedby
Odell, ? Mother
Odell, Frances Mother
Odell, Frances M. Mother
Odell, Frances M. Mother
Odom, George M. Orderedby
O'Donnell, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
O'Dowd, Katherine Mother
Oehler, Anna Mother
Ogden, Erma Jane Mother
O'Gorman, Daniel Deceased
O'Gorman, Kiernan Father
O'Gorman, Mary E. Deceased
O'Grady, Elizabeth V. Deceased
O'Hara, Anna Mother
O'Hearn, Mary Anne Mother
Ohm, Herman Father
OIALY, Mary Mother
Oksa, Evert Orderedby
Oksa, Evert O. Deceased
Oksa, Evert O. Father
Oksa, John Father
Oksa, Kerlter Alice Deceased
Oksa, Mrs.Saimi Orderedby
Oksanen, Hilma Mother
O'Larry, Mary Mother
Olcott, Baby boy #1 Deceased
Olcott, Baby boy #2 Deceased
Olcott, Baby boy #3 Deceased
Olcott, Robert Orderedby
Olcott, Robert S, Father
Olcott, Robert S. Father
Olcott, Robert S. Father
Olcott, Robert S. Orderedby
Olcott.Robert S. Orderedby
Olds, Maria Mother
Oliver, Alfred Father
Oliver, Alfred Father
Oliver, Art&Dan Orderedby
Oliver, Arthur T. Orderedby
Oliver, Arthur T. Orderedby
Oliver, Daniel S. Deceased
Oliver, Katherine Mother
Oliver, Louisa Deceased
Oliver, Marietta Mother
Oliver, Mary S. Deceased
Oliver, Mrs.Arthur Orderedby
Oliver, Sarah Mother
Oliver, William Father
Oliver, William G. Deceased
Oliviere, Mary Mother
Olmstead, A.B. Father
Olmstead, Erastus R. Father
Olmstead, George Deceased
Olmstead, Lucy Ann Deceased
Olmsted, Mrs.E. Orderedby
Olney, Lucy Mother
Olsen, Andrus Father
Olsen, Nellie Barrett Deceased
O'Malley, Mary Mother
O'Malley, Mary Ellen Deceased
O'Malley, Owen Father
Onderkirk, William E. Father
O'Neil, Anna C. Deceased
O'Neill, Jeremiah Father
O'Neill, Jeremiah F. Deceased
O'Neill, Mary Mother
Oor, Barbara J. Mother
Orcott, Angela Mother
Orcutt, Deliah Mother
Orcutt, Frances Mother
Ordway, Dr. Orderedby
Ordway, Leon Father
Ordway, W.H. Orderedby
Ordway, Wm.H. Orderedby
O'Reilly, Bartholomew Father
O'Reilly, Dorothy Deceased
O'Reilly, Johanna Deceased
O'Reilly, John Father
O'Reilly, John F. Orderedby
O'Reilly, John F. Orderedby
O'Reilly, Mary Deceased
O'Reilly, Mary Mother
O'Reilly, Mary L. Deceased
O'Reilly, Mathew Father
O'Reilly, Michael Orderedby
O'Reilly, Michael M. Deceased
O'Reilly, Miss Mary Orderedby
O'Reilly, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
O'Reilly, Rose Orderedby
O'Reilly, Rose Orderedby
O'Reilly, William B. Father
Orkins, ? Father
Orkins, A.H. Orderedby
Orkins, F.J. Deceased
Orkins, Sophia Mother
Orlop, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Orlup, John Father
Orlup, Lewis Deceased
Ormsbee, ? Father
Ormsbee, Augusta Mother
Ormsbee, Hosea B. Deceased
Ormsbee, Susie J. Deceased
Ormsby, Augusta Mother
Ormsby, Augusta Mother
O'Rourke, Eliza Deceased
O'Rourke, Francis Deceased
O'Rourke, Henry Father
O'Rourke, James Father
O'Rourke, John Father
O'Rourke, John Father
O'Rourke, John C. Father
O'Rourke, John H. Father
O'Rourke, Marion Orderedby
O'Rourke, Mary Mother
O'Rourke, Mary Mother
O'Rourke, Michael Deceased
O'Rourke, Michael Orderedby
O'Rourke, Michael A. Deceased
O'Rourke, Michael John Orderedby
O'Rourke, Mrs.Hannah Orderedby
O'Rourke, Olive A. Deceased
O'Rourke, Pearl A. Deceased
O'Rourke, Richard S. Deceased
O'Rourke, Richard S. Orderedby
O'Rourke, Richard S. Orderedby
Orr, Robert Father
Orton, Alice D. Deceased
Orton, Elizabeth Deceased
Orton, Mrs.Wallace Orderedby
Orton, Wallace P. Orderedby
Orumsby, Bertha Mother
Osbern, Mary Mother
Osborn, Augustus Orderedby
Osborn, Benjamin F. Deceased
Osborn, Charlotte Mother
Osborn, Charlotte Mother
Osborn, Edwin J. Father
Osborn, John Father
Osborn, John C. Father
Osborn, Johnathan Father
Osborn, Johnathan Father
Osborn, Joseph Orderedby
Osborn, Mary D. Deceased
Osborn, Not named Deceased
Osborne, ? Father
Osborne, Aaron H. Orderedby
Osborne, Anna K. Mother
Osborne, Augustos Deceased
Osborne, Charles Father
Osborne, Charles A. Deceased
Osborne, Chauncey Orderedby
Osborne, Edwin J. Orderedby
Osborne, Eleanor Deceased
Osborne, Elizabeth Deceased
Osborne, Elizabeth M. Mother
Osborne, Esther Orderedby
Osborne, Frances Deceased
Osborne, Frances Orderedby
Osborne, Harriet Mother
Osborne, Harriet Mother
Osborne, John Father
Osborne, John Father
Osborne, John Father
Osborne, Johnathan Father
Osborne, Jonathan Father
Osborne, Joseph F. Deceased
Osborne, Joseph F. Orderedby
Osborne, Mary Mother
Osborne, Matilda Deceased
Osborne, Maude Mother
Osborne, Mrs.John Orderedby
Osborne, Mrs.Lawrence Orderedby
Osborne, Nathaniel M. Deceased
Osborne, Rev.Richard Father
Osborne, Samuel Father
Osborne, William Deceased
Osborne, William Father
Osburg, Charles Father
Osburg, William D. Deceased
Osburn, Mary Mother
Oscar W. Orderedby
Osgood, Anna Orderedby
Osgood, Annie Deceased
Osgood, Riley Deceased
Osifton, Julia Mother
Osterhoudt, John Father
Osterman, Lena Mother
Ostram, Phebe Mother
Ostrander&City Orderedby
Ostrander, Charles A. Orderedby
Ostrander, Duane Father
Ostrander, George V. Father
Ostrander, HelenA. Deceased
Ostrander, Henry S. Deceased
Ostrander, James Myron Deceased
Ostrander, John Father
Ostrander, Lansing S. Deceased
Ostrander, Louisa J. Deceased
Ostrander, Marion G. Orderedby
Ostrander, Mary Anne Mother
Ostrander, Mrs. & Police chief Orderedby
Ostrander, R.S. Father
Ostrander, Samuel Father
Ostrander, Samuel G. Father
Ostrander, Samuel G. Orderedby
Ostrander, Sonja Louise Deceased
Ostrander, Thomas Father
Ostrander, Walter Orderedby
Ostrander, Walter L. Deceased
Ostrander, William T. Deceased
Ostrium, Martha Mother
Ostrom, Sarah J. Mother
Ostrum, Phebe Mother
O'Toole, Mary Mother
Ott, Albert Father
Ott, Albert H. Father
Ott, Eliza M. Deceased
Ott, Herbert Deceased
Ott, Julia E. Mother
Ott, Martha Deceased
Ott, Miss Martha Orderedby
Ott, Mrs.O. Orderedby
Ott, Orrin Father
Ott, Orrin Orderedby
Ottenheim, Bertha Mother
Otterson, Mary Deceased
Otterson, Samuel Father
Ouderkirk, Elizabeth Ann Deceased
Ouderkirk, Henrietta Mother
Ouderkirk, Isaac Y. Deceased
Ouderkirk, Mrs. Orderedby
Ouderkirk, Peter Father
Ouderkirk, Peter Father
Ouderkirk, William Orderedby
Oulton, Mrs.Thomas Orderedby
Oulton, W.J Orderedby
Outerson, Nellie E. Deceased
Outterson, Bessie E. Deceased
Outterson, Charles E. Deceased
Outterson, James Orderedby
Outterson, James T. Deceased
Overocker, ? Father
Overocker, Catherine Mother
Overocker, John Orderedby
Overrocker, Mary J. Deceased
Ovitt, Charles Father
Ovitt, Chloe A. Mother
Ovitt, John Father
Ovitt, Marieta Mother
Ovitt, Sarah B. Deceased
Ovitt, Thomas Deceased
Ovitt, William Orderedby
Ovitt, William H. Orderedby
Ovitt, Zilma Mother
Owen, Anna E. Deceased
Owen, Charity S. Deceased
Owen, Charles Father
Owen, Charles E. Deceased
Owen, Katherine Deceased
Owen, Martha F. Mother
Owen, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Owen, Mrs.Wm.L. Orderedby
Owens, Amanda J. Deceased
Owens, Eunice Mother
Owens, Joseph Deceased
Owens, Martha Mother
Owens, Orpha Mother
Owens, Robert Father
Owens, William E. Orderedby

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